my Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon training plan

I have a confession: the Disney Half was the last time I went for a run. Blame it on the weather. Blame in on my gym burnout. Blame it on my rekindled love affair with yoga and kickboxing classes. Running and I took a break, but it’s time for us to get hot and heavy again. It’s time to start training for the Rite Aid 2011 Cleveland Half Marathon!

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As I watched my fellow #CLEmarathon runners tweet about their training runs, I took another look at the calendar to realize that it was the right time to focus on my training. As I toyed with several different training plans, I came across 10 Lifestyle Factors That Affect Training from

In summary: If you assemble your own training plan, be sure to consider life and lifestyle factors that affect training, recovery and performance. If assembling your own plan from scratch is overwhelming, you can certainly make great use of ready-to-use training plans as your starting platform. From the plan framework, you can slight adjustments to volume, intensity and frequency of workouts to meet your personal needs.

After some assessment, I went for a mash up of Jeff Galloway’s beginners plan (the same that I used for my first half-marathon) and Hal Higdon’s intermediate half-marathon plan. After getting the stamp of approval from my gals Kali and Katie (and then making another change!), this is what I’m using for the next 13 weeks:

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
2/14/2011 off 3 m run off yoga off 4 miles yoga 
2/21/2011 off yoga 3 m run 3 m run off yoga 5 miles
2/28/2011 off yoga 3 m run 3 m run off 3M run 6 miles
3/7/2011 off 3.5 m run off 3 m run off St. Malachi 5M off
3/14/2011 off 3.5 m run 3 m run yoga off 3M run 7 miles
3/21/2011 off 4 m run 3 m run yoga off 3M pace 8 miles
3/28/2011 off 4 m run 3 m run yoga off 3M run 10K
4/4/2011 off 4.5 m run EVENT yoga off CWRR 5K 9 miles
4/11/2011 off 4.5 m run 3 m run yoga off 5M pace 4 miles
4/18/2011 off 5 m run 3 m run yoga off CLE 10 Miler off
4/25/2011 off 5 m run 3 m run yoga off EVENT 12 miles
5/2/2011 off 5 m run 3 m run yoga off 3M pace 5 miles
5/9/2011 off 4 m run 2 m run yoga off off CLE 1/2 MARATHON


THE GOAL: My lofty (and probably unrealistic) goal for the Disney Half was to get in under 2:30. Due to various factors including undertraining, I came in at 2:45:05. As my final goal for that race was to “finish strong”, I knew I wanted to have a time goal for the Cleveland Half. My goal for this race is to PR that Disney time, hopefully by hitting that 2:30 mark.

THE MILEAGE: When sharing an earlier version with the ladies, there was an extra day of day of running for a total of five days during the week. My previous plan only had three and the jump to five scared me. A LOT. I think what ended up in the plan is realistic but will prepare me 

THE YOGA: You’ll see a high occurrence of yoga days early on as I’m trying to use up my class pass before it expires on March 3rd. After that, I’m going to commit to attending class on Thursday evenings. I’m realizing the importance of a regular yoga practice in my life: both physically and mentally. Thursdays evenings will work well, giving me a rest day before those weekend runs. And yes I need a rest day after yoga class – you should see the bruise on my should post crow pose fall out on Sunday!

THE RACES: I’m no speed demon, but I love racing. It’s a fabulous motivator to keep you accountable to your running goals. Here’s what I’m signing up for before the Rite Aid 2011 Cleveland Half Marathon on Sunday, May 15:

…all of that, then this and this before Memorial Day weekend. I guess I’ll sleep when it’s June! I better get running! Race day is only 87 days away! Hit me up with your thoughts, comments, concerns and encouragement in the comments!

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  1. Carly says:

    Good luck with training 🙂 I applaud you for upping your running to that many days a week – my body couldn’t handle more than 3! On a side note, if your body DOES get tired and you feel like skipping a run because you are burnt out I say do it…. BUT, sub in some cross training. Cross training is so important because it trains your body differently, but is complimentary to running. Try some spinning or good elliptical work. Just options to keep in mind in the upcoming months! Good luck with training, I know you can make it under 2:30.

    P.S. We need another east side dinner on a NON snowy night 🙂

    • admin says:

      On the indoor track, I used a ratio of 4 laps running, one lap walking (16 laps equaling one mile). During the Disney race, I ran for a 1/3 of a mile, then walked for a tenth of a mile. I’ll probably keep a similar pattern, and hopefully, be able to increase those run segments to a half a mile.

  2. Hungry In Cleveland says:

    You can do it Alicia! I hit the same problem last summer. After the CLE half in May, I took a “break” from running, them signed up for the Columbus half in October. Well, once I started training again, the heat and humidity of summer got the best of me. I did complete the Columbus half, but did not do it within my goal 🙁 Vic and I are also doing the St. Malachi 5 miler and Hermes 10 miler as part of our half marathon training. Can’t wait to run into you and other bloggers on race day! It always encouraging to run into people you know along the cours 🙂

  3. Kimi says:

    Looks like a great plan! Love that you are keeping yoga as a regular part of your training. Yoga rocks! Good luck training, I’m sure you’ll do great! My husband and I are toying with the idea of the 10K which we usually do.

  4. Alana says:

    I’m using Hal Higdon again this year. Interested to hear how the yoga works throughout your training! See you at the 10-miler and hopefully St. Malachi!

  5. Jess says:

    This is an awesome running plan! I love it! You’ve totally inspired me to figure out which races to commit to this spring…I cannot wait to get back out there! Totally riding runner’s high from an awesome 5-miler this morning! LOVE that feeling!!

  6. Kali says:

    St Malachi is such a great race too! Although, all I remember from last year were the hills and the rain haha. But I am super excited for you and you’re going to do awesome this spring!

  7. Jessica says:

    Good luck on all of your upcoming runs.
    I am just starting to run now, for the 1st time in YEARS.
    And preparing for a 5k in June for the place I used to work. I’ve never run any sort of marathon so I’m terrified. But, I’m glad to have a goal to work towards!
    Best of luck 🙂

    • admin says:

      I know, I know… CHILI BOWL! Consider me a maybe for some running with a side of tasty goodness. Waiting to see if I have a meeting that AM. Will keep you posted!

  8. Monica says:

    Best of luck, PIP!
    My sister and I also hail from Cleveland–East Side ;)– and live elsewhere now. But for two years now we’ve come back to do this half and it’s the BEST! A great race in a great town 🙂 Good luck with your training!

  9. Kirsten says:

    Just found your blog through Mom in Training. I just ran the Chili Bowl Classic this weekend – the first official race of the 2011 season! I ran the CLE 1/2 last year and have registered for the full this year, along with various other local races.

    Keep up the good work!

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