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HEY CLEVELANDERS! You should plan to read Friday’s edition of The Plain Dealer – Page A2 in particular. Why? Because you might see your favorite Parma blogger featured in a fun new social media feature: The Twitter Twenty.


Check out the details from Our new "Twitter Twenty" is a group of twenty well-known local tweeps (people on Twitter) who will weigh in on different local issues.  We’ll pose a new question each week to the group and also post it online, so everyone can weigh in by using the Twitter hashtag #cle20.

Interested to know who your Twitter Twenty are for the first round? Here’s the list (with some side notes):

What are we tweeting about this week? Directly from our contact, Alana from The Dawg’s Dish, this week’s topic is bedbugs:

(picture source)

The Plain Dealer reported over the weekend that local schools, libraries, businesses and others are bracing for a wave of bedbugs, which Susan Jones, an urban entomologist at Ohio State University, called "the pest of the century." Are you worried? Have you already had to deal with them?

How about you: what are your feelings about this whole bedbugs topic? If you are on Twitter, feel free to join the conversation by using #cle20 with your Tweet!

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