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As a part of my Gotta Love Chevy NEO experience, I have the chance to catch up with some old girlfriends. One of these friends is Dawn: my great-great-great-grand-little. That’s sorority speak for “Alicia’s crazy old”. Dawn and I got together for a much needed lunch and shopping day, starting at Aladdin’s Eatery in Independence.

Aladdin's Eatery

(picture from Aladdin’s Facebook page)

From their Facebook page: Our intention at Aladdin’s Eatery is to provide our customers with unique natural foods of the Middle East, while at the same time cater to their increased awareness and concern regarding health and nutrition!

More from their website: Good tasting, high quality and exciting meals are only the beginning. The menu also features a wide variety of meals suitable for Gluten Free, Diabetic and Heart healthy diets. Aladdin’s Eateries emphasizes simplicity in both customer service and preparation.


We arrived that Saturday afternoon around 12:30PM to an empty restaurant. As I normally attend the location during the busy weekday lunch rush, I was taken back to find just one other table of diners. Immediately sat, we were introduced to Dan, our server. After some initial chatter, Dan informed me that Aladdin’s has an entire version of their menu that lists allergens in their dishes. He quickly retrieved the menu for me:


BIG POINTS to Aladdin’s for this! Even the most informed gluten free eater would love to have an easy to read guide of their potential selections. I wanted to hug Dan for making my ordering process so much easier.

From the soup menu, Dawn ordered the V-nine: homemade with the freshest nine vegetables available. I recommended this soup and Dawn was very happy with the blend of veggies. You can’t beat a piping hot veggie soup on a cold, Cleveland day!

With her soup, Dawn also ordered the Turkey Rolled Pita, with grilled smoked turkey breast, greens, and tomato topped with cheddar cheese. I had also recommended something from their “Rolled Pita” menu. A personal favorite of mine from the gluten days, these rolls are packed filled with tasty ingredients. My favorite used to be the Beef Shawarma Roll, with lightly seasoned beef and lamb strips. Dawn, admitting going for a “newbie” selection, highly enjoyed her turkey selection.

After consulting my allergies menu, I went with one of my favorites: the Lamb Salad with marinated char-grilled lamb over mixed greens with sliced tomato, cucumber, and calamata olives topped with feta cheese & scallions. My choice of dressing: the house Aladdin’s Dressing.


I never regret ordering this salad entrée. There’s plenty of delicious meat to fill you up while giving you the freshest veggies available. The addition of the feta cheese makes for a gluten free plate of perfection. I left satisfied but not weighed down. The perfect combination for an afternoon of shopping!

A few bites into our meals, Dan came back with a container of the restaurant’s homemade hot sauce. He put it down on the table, saying if you like spice, you’ll love this. Did Dan know me or what?! Well seasoned for flavor and well spiced for hotness, I was glad to have our thoughtful server take the extra step to share one of his favorites.

LONG STORY SHORT: Thanks to Dan’s great service and Aladdin’s excellent lunch options, we had a lovely start to our day of shopping around the town in the Chevy Cruze. Lucky for Clevelanders, there are plenty of Aladdin’s Eateries around the Northeast Ohio area. If you haven’t been to one, put it on the top of your lunch list.

Check out the rest of our day in this fabulous video: when fueled with healthy, nutritious Lebanese/American food, we definitely shopped til we dropped!

Shopping with the Chevy Cruze & Poise in Parma from Alicia Hansen on Vimeo.

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  1. Katie @ Healthy Heddleston says:

    Wow what an awesome menu from Aladdins! Aladdins is one of my most most most favorite restaurants and I haven’t been there since I’ve been GF. Their baba is THE BEST but I really miss having there soft pita 🙁

  2. Ben says:

    We love Aladdin’s and often eat there the night we come back from a road trip. All the healthy, tasty food is really energizing after being worn out.

    I’ve never tried the lamb salad, though. Maybe I’ll order it at our next visit.

  3. Julie says:

    Love Aladdin’s. Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it now that I’m g-free, but went there tonight and was SO HAPPY. The soups are all g-free, and my 9 year old daughter (who has celiac) loves the chicken-lentil chili. She also loves the falafel, which I was surprised to find out is g-free. Add some stuffed grape leaves and their really yummy hummus, and we are two happy campers. I’m glad to find different places for lunch that give more options than salads. I’m sure the lamb salad is terrific, but I am forced to order salads at the majority of restaurants that I get stuck at that don’t have extensive g-free menus, so when I’m at Aladdin’s, I will NOT be ordering salad. There are just too many other things on the menu that I’ll enjoy while I’m there.

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