ten things this thursday: my musical goodbye to the Chevy Cruze

As my final official task as a Chevy girl for the month of December, I had to return the Chevy Cruze. Cue the waterworks.

I’ve been VERY lucky in love and managed to snag this hot guy before any other girls could get to him.

Alicia & Hans Fun Fact: we’re high school sweethearts and "celebrated” the ELEVEN YEAR anniversary of our first date on Tuesday! (And when I say “celebrate”, I mean Hans said “happy anniversary” as I hacked up a lung on the couch. Very romantic. Moving on…)

I was pretty rocked by my pending separation from my new found car love. I needed some emotional support for my last journey driving it back to the dealership. So in the usual Tuesday fashion, yet again on a Thursday, I present:


First, check out my last official video as a Chevy Girl for Gotta Love Chevy NEO!

Now for the songs…

How Many Times by Zack Hexum
how many times will I fall in love today…
RANDOM THOUGHT: Best free iTunes Song of the Day download EVER.

Memories by David Guetta
…those would be the best memories
RANDOM THOUGHT: also a new addition to my half-marathon playlist.

Hanging On Too Long by Duffy
I was a fool for you right from the start
I was a fool for you hoping for a spark
For some kind of sign that you would be mine
RANDOM THOUGHT: I love this entire album to set a relaxing vibe at work during the afternoons.

Flashing Lights by Kayne West (feat. Dwele)
As I recall, I know you love to show off but I never thought that you would take it this far
RANDOM THOUGHT: …because no playlist is complete without Kayne busting in half way through…

King of Anything by Sara Bareilles
So let me thank you for your time…and get out of here fast
RANDOM THOUGHT: LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I feel like if I ever really learned how to play the piano, I’d be writing music like hers.

Misery by Maroon 5
So let me be and I’ll set you free
RANDOM THOUGHT: Adam Levine = HOTT. Sorry Hans.

Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner
…baby please don’t go…
RANDOM THOUGHT: Another carry over from my running playlist. It’s just too darn catchy to get it out of my head.

Hummingbird by John Mayer
Just because I said I didn’t want her doesn’t mean I want her to go
In fact I quite depended on her but that I didn’t want her to know
RANDOM THOUGHT: This should be no surprise to anyone who really knows me. I’ll always love me some JM. This is a personal all time favorite and hardly known gem of his. Definitely worth checking out.

Love Is My Disease by Alicia Keys
When your gone it feels like my whole worlds gone with you
I thought love would be my cure but now its my disease
RANDOM THOUGHT: Another at-work album to slow jam the day away.

Cool by Gwen Stefani
After all that we’ve been through I know we’re cool
RANDOM THOUGHT: …at least I still have my Cobalt!

When you are feeling down, how to do cope? An emotional music playlist? A good workout? A long bubble bath? Me: kickboxing always gets the aggression out!!

restaurant review: B Spot Burgers

A few Fridays back, a few of my family members planned a girls holiday shopping extravaganza. I persuaded my mom, my Aunt Kathy and my uncle’s girlfriend Karen into meeting me for lunch. After I suggested a general location, they chose a restaurant: Michael Symon’s B Spot in Woodmere:

(picture source)

For the restaurant description, check out some of the dining rules via the Symon Says page of the website:

  • Welcome to B Spot! Help us help you!
  • No Whining! We will do our very best to make everyone happy. Just like line jumpers at an amusement park, whiners will be prosecuted & removed from the establishment. Life is short, have fun & enjoy the moment.
  • We have a burger for every taste (even vegetarians)!! If there is something you do NOT want on your burger, let us know and we will take it off. Due to the many choices & thought put into their composition, we ask that you do not substitute or add items.
  • If you’re reading these, making funny faces & squinching your nose…you’re too uptight! You should immediately consume bourbon, beer or your beverage of choice & relax a little!

With those guidelines and my ordering tendencies, I wasn’t expecting an easy dining experience. When I arrived at the restaurant, my family was already seated at a table by the pickle bar. I was pretty surprised to find them at a table as the restaurant is known for not seating your entire party unless they are all present. My VERY HUNGRY dining partners talked their way to getting seated early, even though the restaurant wasn’t too hoppin’ when they first arrived.

Instead of being a pain in the ass, I decided to stick to the section of the menu that I knew wouldn’t cause any hassle for an allergy prone gal like myself. My mom and I had never seen the electronic stylist ordering devices that our server – whose name I believe was Nicole – took our order with. A very cool use of technology. The device even allowed our server to note my gluten intolerance with just a few extra clicks. “Nicole” was a DOLL and humored my crazy table of ladies and our silly personalities… and ordering mix ups…

Karen ordered the Chili & Cheese brat with homemade beanless chili, shredded cheddar. My Aunt Kathy ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich with avocado, cheddar, Carolina style BBQ, griddled onion. Both ladies happily ate their selections. In fact, they didn’t say too much during that part of the conversation – probably they were enjoying their food so much! The pulled pork in particular caught my eye and I think I’ll plan on ordering that sans bun in the future.

The table split an order of the Lola Fries seasoned with sea salt and rosemary. I have had these at Lola and the B Spot location at Quicken Loans Arena, so I knew the fries were a solid side. Our cup of fries weren’t overwhelmingly seasoned with rosemary but heftily salted. They were tasty just the same.

Thinking she was just getting a side salad to start, my mom ordered the Stadium Style brat with caramelized onions and stadium mustard:


My mom also ordered the Wedge salad with blue cheese, avocado, bacon and shaved onion. Well, she thought she did at least. What originally came out was the romaine salad. We really weren’t sure what happened, but our server said getting the Wedge was no problem. After dropping off our food, she reappeared only moments later with my mom’s desired salad:


That’s an entire head of Iceburg lettuce – it was a HUGE Wedge! My mom split the salad with our fellow dinners as it was just too much for her. She was quite content with the salad, making sure to enjoy the dressing and blue cheese with each bite. As for the brat, she said it was good, especially enjoying the caramelized onions. My mom also HATES soggy bread, so the toasting of the bun helped keep its texture even with all that yummy mustard.

As I indicated earlier, I stuck with a gluten free safe option and choose the Arugula salad with portabello, red onion, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette:


B Spot officially takes the title away from Melt Bar & Grilled for the LARGEST salads in Cleveland, Ohio. The pile of greens was easily six inches tall! I can put away my salads like a champion Nathan’s hot dog competition eater, but I was no match for this salad. I took half of it back to the office and enjoyed it for a mid-afternoon snack. As for taste – the salad had a lot of clean flavors which worked for my palate. Everything paired well – and how do you go wrong with goat cheese? The answer: you don’t.

LONG STORY SHORT: While we ate at a location known for their burgers, I realized that none of us ordered one that afternoon! I have snagged bites from Hans’ during many third quarters at Cavaliers basketball games. I always thought my first visit to the actual restaurant would include a table full of burly men. After this visit with my many of my favorite female relatives, I am very excited to bring Hans, my brother and Dad to Michael Symon’s B Spot in the future. I’m interested to see the variety of burgers the men folk would order. I definitely plan to return to check out some more of what the restaurant has to offer.

B Spot Burgers on Urbanspoon

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