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I’m not sure if I love racing for the feeling of accomplishment after running 3.1 miles or the fact that I get to go out for brunch afterwards. Post Race for the Cure, Kristen, Missy and I drove down I-77 to the Valley View location of Yours Truly.

(picture c/o Yours Truly’s Facebook page)

From their website: In 1981, Yours Truly was founded with the intent of serving good food at fair prices, with attentive service in a clean, cheerful atmosphere. Today, we are proud to remain committed to our original ideals.

(picture c/o Yours Truly’s website)

With eight total locations, the Rockside Road/Valley View location is the newest of the bunch. While it’s been open since 2007, I’ve never been to a single one of their locations. Kristen was surprised to have eaten somewhere that I hadn’t! When we walked in, we were greeted with a great diner-style atmosphere and were immediately seated. It was around 11AM – they weren’t swamped, which I was kind of surprised by. Maybe I just don’t brunch out enough?

Our server was a bit absent at first, which was because they double sat her at the exact moment she had orders up at the pass.  She did a great job of getting to us in a timely manner in this circumstance and had my necessary post-race cup of coffee to me pretty quickly.

We put serious thought into what could be our brunch selections. Missy really wanted to order the “Killit Skillet”: 1) because she liked the name and 2) because the menu asked their diners, “can you kill it?” She questioned if she was up for the challenge.   When Missy suggested the French toast, Kristen said that she wouldn’t order that because she makes it regularly at home. This comment helped me as I was tempted to order a bowl of oatmeal and a sunny side egg. (You know EXACTLY where I was going with that combo.)

Since great minds think alike, Kristen and I both ordered the Veggie Omelet with spinach, green pepper, onion, tomato, mushroom and mixed cheese. Kristen ordered hers with toast. I ordered mine sans cheese and with golden hash browns.

As it was placed in front of me, I realized it had been a long time since I last ordered hash browns. I appreciated these hash browns for not being over seasoned or drowning in oil or butter. I added some ketchup and loved on the simplicity of the side dish. The omelet was the perfect size and made just as I ordered it.  I’m not so sure what that large black dot in the photo is, but I know I ate it without question! Loaded with well-seasoned veggies, I ate the entire flavorsome thing as I was seriously craving protein after those 3.1 miles.  Kristen was quite happy with her version and her side of toast.

Missy eventually decided on The Sunrise with two big eggs, choice of breakfast meat, golden hash browns, toast and coffee:


You can tell by the picture that The Sunrise is your standard diner special, but Yours Truly’s version looked anything but ordinary. Missy blissfully worked her way through the plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, white toast and potatoes as we chatted away. As a side note: Missy did not “killit”, even if it wasn’t in a skillet. I’m pretty sure Hans would have rocked this to a full stomach, which tells you a lot about the portion size. At the end of the meal, she was quoted as saying her breakfast was “delicious” and “very filling”.

LONG STORY SHORT: When I arrived home, I almost told Hans about brunch first – then I remembered my race accomplishment! After relaying the run/jog news, I said to him, “I’ve got to take you to Yours Truly for breakfast.”  Really though, our brunch experience ensured I’d return for a visit for any meal. I appreciate the array of dietary choices and the atmosphere. TY gets bonus points for having ESPN College Game Day on the big screen! Yours Truly – no need for the goodbye – it’s just a “so long” because I will see you again soon!

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  1. Ashley says:

    That looks good. A big omelet and home fries or hashbrowns is the best post-race meal ever. (I’m with you … I’m in it for the brunch, too.)

  2. Michael says:

    Very nice review. That’s a great area down there, it’s where I’ve done the majority of my bike riding. It’s a shame that plaza doesn’t get more business. Carvel had to close due to lack of business and from seeing the Yours Truly patio empty all of the time I fear for how long that spot can continue to exist. The parking is a bit of a bear there and the road construction doesn’t help either.

  3. ClevelandPoet says:

    got to love the big sunrise.

    I have very fond memories of yours truly because the wife and I would walk there and grub on some Notso fries way back when we were just a cute couple.

    ah good times. It’s been a long time. I think I will suggest a drive to the shaker lake nature center and then a walk to to yours truly.

  4. Carly says:

    Yum 🙂 I absolutely love going out for breakfast. I always try to order something that I wouldn’t make at home – usually ends up an omelet or pancakes. Congrats on the 5K! You are going to rock your half marathon.

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