another Yoga Brunch reminder!

It’s that time again, friends!

BRUNCH July 23

I will teach an all-levels, 60-minute yoga flow tomorrow (Saturday, July 23rd) at The Cultural Center above Dante Next Door in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood. Class starts at 9:30am and is only $10 for all students (plus Eventbrite fees) — new and returning!

After class, we head downstairs to Dante Next Door and enjoy brunch. As I like to say at the end of class, the most important part of Yoga Brunch is the complimentary mimosa that all participants receive at brunch, so sticking around for some eats is an obvious post-practice choice. And if you’re a planner like me, check out Dante’s brunch menu to see what’s in store for you on your plate. (I may be going calzone this time around…)

Can’t stay for brunch, you say? No worries — you can just take class then head on out to take on the rest of your day!

Like to join us? Visit the Eventbrite page to sign up in advance or email me at to save your spot if you’d like to pay cash day of.  Space is limited, so I need to know you’re coming!

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My Workouts These (Pregnant) Days

Right before I got pregnant, I was on a fitness roll. I had let my ten year old gym membership lapse as Hans and I invested in a spin bike and a full set of hand weights to further build out our home gym. I was having a ball crafting my workout schedule, heavy on home workouts with visits to local studios as they fit into my schedule.

Then we found out I was with child and the first trimester nausea and exhaustion quickly set in. I was so tired all day long that I would wake up, eat something to settle my stomach before taking a morning nap before heading into work. I’d do my best to not fall asleep at my desk so I could get home and crash on our couch. The only physical activity I was interested in was moving from a vertical to horizontal resting position.

But I had someone on my team that would keep me moving and my heart rate up:

frank on walk

Pardon my rudeness, but I’m realizing that I never formally introduced Frank! Frank joined our family in early February and we found out we were pregnant shortly after. We weren’t kidding when we came up with the hashtag #HansenExpansion when he came along!

Frank is a DOG. A dog’s dog. A man’s dog. He barks. A LOT. He play bites. A LOT. He chews stuff up. A LOT.  But he’s a Golden Retriever through and through. He’s a love bug. He’s incredibly smart (and caught on fast at his Complete Obedience Dog Training sessions.) He’s always smiling (unless he’s getting yelled at for one of the previously mentioned acts.)

He also is still only seven months old and is full of energy. The best way to work some of that energy off? Frequent dog walks. Most days, twice a day, usually around our neighborhood. I’m not speed walking at the same pace these days, but our walks are still pretty brisk so I’m still getting the cardiovascular benefits. (Plus, a long time ago, an old internship supervisor told me she walked 30 minutes every day when she was pregnant with her son and had the easiest labor experience she could have ever imagined. I have no medical research to back that statement up, but I’m going with it!)

In the mornings before work, it’s just Frank and me on our walks, but in the evenings and on the weekends, our other favorite redheads join in.

bedford reservation bridal veil falls

dogs in metroparks

Grady turns ten years old (!!!) next month and while he still loves a good hike, he passes on our routine walks around the block. But getting him and Frank out and about has been a pleasurable way to still stay active with both of them.  As my pregnancy progresses, our choice of trails seems to level off — finding my way up and down steep hills became a challenge after awhile, so flatter options like the new loop constructed this year in the West Creek Reservation are the way for me to go.

West Creek Reservation loop

My other long time love of a regular yoga practice has been more of a challenge for me to incorporate. That may be funny considered how often yoga is recommended for pregnant women. I, on the other hand, was having attachment issues to adjusting my asana practice — let alone not really being able to do it at all during my first trimester. (Thank goodness for yoga nidra!)  Coincidentally, the beginning of my second trimester matched up with my travels out to Colorado for my ParaYoga teacher trainings. There, I was able to get some guidance from my teacher, his assistants and my fellow trainees on how to progress, including how to modify poses and pranayama practices.  Since then, I’ve been dabbling in an array of prenatal yoga teachers’ offerings on YogaGlo (Elena Brower’s are my favorite) but still haven’t found what I’m looking for. I’m taking the in-studio approach next, with plans to check out Inner Bliss and Prana Yoga & Dance’s classes soon.

easy pose guru purnima

What I haven’t been doing? Intense work out sessions. Indoor cycling classes at Harness Cycle, rowing and TRX at Ride + Workout, that occasional way-too-hot power yoga class at Cleveland Yoga, swinging around a kettlebell, and so on. I know that many pregnant women continue on doing these activities (well, not in the uber hot yoga room temperatures) without issue. Honestly though, I just haven’t felt comfortable pushing myself this hard while carrying Baby H. And after years of the “push yourself” mentality when it comes to physical activities, I’ve been enjoying this more relaxed approach. The spin bike, rower and weights can wait. (But I already have promised myself a Christmas present of a group fitness class on Christmas Eve.)

What do I wish I was doing? Speaking of Harness, they are hosting their Instructor Certification + Training next weekend. It’s been a secret bucket list item of mine to get certified to teaching indoor cycling for a handful of years now. I even went as far to schedule a phone call with one of their program leaders — who was incredible helpful in answering all my questions, BTW. But in the end, I decided against it… for now.  In this pregnancy experience, me being 26 weeks pregnant isn’t the right time to take the plunge.  I do know however it’s a dream I can achieve after our little girl arrives. (It’s now on the Internet, so it must be true!!)

LONG STORY SHORT: With only 99 days until my due date, I am finally feeling like I’m settling into this pregnancy thing. My third trimester is only a few weeks away, so I’m taking advantage of still being able to do the little things: getting my fuzzes the exercise they need, enjoying some alone time on my mat, being able to tie my own tennis shoes! But one thing I know: our little girl will surely inherit her mama’s love for movement. Good thing she already has a pair of tennis shoes waiting for her in her nursery!!

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#IGoRTA: the RTA CLE app is here!

As a college student, I spent the summer between sophomore and junior years working downtown. Paying for parking for my Dodge minivan in the Public Square area would have pretty much used up all the money I was making, so I took advantage of one of our cities greatest yet underutilized resources: the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

Every morning, I’d drive from my parents house over to the closest stop for the RTA 35 bus route. That bus that found its way from my neck of the woods all the way downtown to the city center where it was just a short walk through Public Square to get to my office. I loved having that time during my commute to read a book or listen to music (on a portable CD player — this was right before I got my first iPod!)  What I didn’t love: trying to remember to have exact change, or be even more on top of things and buy a pass in advance. UGH.

Luckily for us now living in 2016, the RTA is taking those hassles out of our daily commutes and adding in some pretty neat conveniences with their latest development: the RTA CLE app.


The RTA CLE mobile ticketing app for iOS and Android devices allows customers to set up a secure account to purchase, save and use tickets for RTA bus and rail trips right from their smartphone — all getting you on the rapid or bus faster and to your final destination speedier.

Key features of the app include:

  • Plan your trip inside the app
  • Buy fare from your phone
  • Manage your purchasing history
  • Skip the lines at the kiosk

How easy is it to use?

  1. Plan your trip and/or buy tickets
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter credit or debit card Information
  4. Pay for your fare (Currently, mobile fare purchases only include All Day, 7-Day, RNC 7-Day, and Monthly Passes.)
  5. Activate ticket when you are ready to ride
  6. Show your live ticket screen session to operators or have it ready when boarding RTA vehicles.

BONUS for downloading the app this week: Anyone who downloads the app from July 18-22 is entered to win a Grand Prize of 4 Cleveland Indians tickets and a behind-the-scenes tour.

Download the new RTA CLE mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) today. Learn more and get your FAQs answered at

I’m looking forward to using the app on an upcoming visit downtown. Where will the RTA and its app take you?

Stay in touch with the Greater Cleveland RTA via their Facebook page and over at Twitter at @GCRTA. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IgoRTA to share where the RTA takes you!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Greater Cleveland RTA. Image c/o  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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