#CLEfood: Rising Star Yoga Brunch menu revealed!

A few weeks ago, I shared several yoga events I am teaching this and next month. It’s especially been a blast combining food and yoga with the various yoga brunch sessions I’ve been coordinating. But one in the series is especially unique and bound to be an all around special experience: the Rising Star Yoga Brunch on Saturday, June 4.

rising star warehouse

I’ve teamed up with the teams from Rising Star Coffee Roasters and fire food & drink to lead two yoga brunch sessions at The Roastery on Cleveland’s West side. The day will feature a 60-minute yoga class suitable for all levels, brunch by fire food and drink and freshly brewed Rising Star coffee.

Speaking of brunch, Chef Cameron Pishnery from fire food and drink has crafted an incredible menu for the day. For the post-practice meal, he was inspired by the principals of Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga) as it combined well with what the team at fire has been up to lately.

The food will be paired with Rising Star Coffee’s finest, a pour over bar and iced coffee beverages. Well flowed, fed and caffeinated — you’ll be all set for the rest of your Saturday.

So I’ll stop being a tease to share the menu with you. I told you that you yogis are in for a treat!

Rising Star Yoga Brunch Menu

nora mills stone ground grits
strawberry-rhubarb syrup, vegan whipped cream, toasted almonds and red quinoa granola

rainbow farms carrot salad
poached local chicken, radish, blackberries, pickled fresno chiles, dates, mint, cardamom and lemon vinaigrette

israeli breakfast platter
hummus, lebneh, jam, sourdough toast, spicy beet root, feta-herb salad and local eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, boiled or whites)

seasonal fruit
pineapple and strawberry

rittman farms chilled asparagus soup
extra virgin olive oil, tofu cream, watercress and crispy red lentils

sustainable blue marlin schmear
cured sapphire salmon, mini poppy seed bagel, preserved lemon, capers, pink peppercorn and herb oil

puffed rice, crispy sev, potato, fresh cucumber, green onion, herbs, tamarind chutney and hari chutney

rising star yoga brunch fire food and drink

With the class less than two weeks away, it’s best you get your spot for the events before it’s too late. Register for the 9:30am class here (9:30 class with brunch after, until 11:30am), or register for the 12:00pm class here (12:00 class with brunch after, until 2:00pm).

The folks at Rising Star Coffee, fire food and drink and I are all excited to bring these elements together, so we hope you’ll join us on June 4th! Have a friend that would like to join you? Share the Facebook event page with them. As always: the more, the merrier!

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#CLEfood GIVEAWAY: Legacy Village’s Food Truck Mondays

Cleveland food lovers, I have good news to share: Legacy Village‘s Food Truck Mondays are back!

Legacy Village Food Truck Mondays

Starting today — Monday, May 23 — you can enjoy your lunch hour outdoors along Legacy Village’s Blossom Way as various Northeast Ohio food trucks line up to serve the best food on wheels in the area.

Every other Monday (excluding Memorial Day and Independence Day) between today and August 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., food trucks will be serving offerings to satisfy practically any craving.  To make the work day outing even more productive, local bands will play during the gatherings, helping to make you completely forget that the day is a Monday!

You can find the schedule of dates and food trucks that will be in attendance on each date on the Facebook event page, but here’s a list of participating vendors:

  • 216 Bistro
  • Barrio
  • The Beachcomber
  • Betty’s Bomb Ass Burgers
  • Boca Local
  • Chef Grey Wolf
  • Donut Lab
  • Fired Up
  • Fork-Fuel Food Truck
  • Hunger Squad
  • Krav
  • The Mana Truck
  • Off the Griddle
  • Orange Truck
  • Proper Pig
  • River Dog Cafe
  • Slymans
  • The Spread
  • Stone Pelican
  • Streat Mobile Bistro
  • Wholly Frijoles
  • Zydeco

So plan ahead to get yourself to Legacy Village on a Monday this summer… and, while you’re here on this Monday, enter to win $25 in Food Truck Bucks here on the blog this week via this Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have until THIS THURSDAY, May 26th at 11:59PM to enter. A winner will be announced the next morning on the PIP Facebook page.  As this is a local event series taking place in Cleveland, I highly encourage entries by those that can attend Food Truck Mondays this summer.

Keep in touch with Legacy Village: Visit legacy-village.com to learn more about all that’s happening there this summer, plus give them a like on Facebook and follows on Twitter and Instagram. Share the Facebook event page to tell your co-workers, family and friends to join you there!

Disclosure: I was asked to help promote Legacy Village’s Food Truck Mondays and offered a total of $50 Food Truck Bucks to use for myself and to give away to a lucky winner. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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when my husband ran the 2016 Rite Aid Cleveland (Half) Marathon

You might say I’m a bit of a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon groupie. In 2011, I volunteered by handing out medals at the finish line — best volunteer job EVER, by the way. In 2012, we ran the 5K finishing on the Cleveland Browns Stadium field. In 2013, it was a family effort as I ran the 10K and the rest of our crew ran the half marathon. Our energy went behind my brother Drew the past two years as he ran the 2014 and 2015 full marathons. This year, that energy was channeled to everyone’s favorite redhead — my husband Hans.

Hans and I have been… let’s say debating… over his training plan since he registered for the race in January. He ran his first half (Cleveland) in 2013 with a very respectable time of 2:20:13, but had the idea of running sub 10 minute miles in his head since the start of this year. With my previous experience in researching far too many training plans for when I ran my two half marathons in 2011, I gave him several suggestions to consider. But Hans decided to tackle his training with his own plan: long runs on Sundays, and see how the rest of the week shook out between weight lifting sessions and dog walks. What ended up going down was 13 (mostly long) runs from the end of July through the end of April, ranging from a quick two miler while he was in Boston to a couple 13+ milers on our home treadmill. For most, that wouldn’t be enough prep, but for my husband, known for jumping into 5Ks last minute, it was plenty.

Cleveland Marathon before the race

Race morning about 6:30am, I dropped him off at the corner of East 9th and Carnegie to 1) give him a warm up distance to run/walk distance and 2) to make sure I could easily get out of downtown. After stalking the weather report all weekend long and a quick trip to Kohl’s to spend his Kohl’s cash on some new winter weather running gear, his Saturday weather related anxiety turned into Sunday morning confidence. He was ready to tackle that run.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t ready to tackle the barrage of traffic barriers that I would come across. I changed my plans to first meet him at mile marker 2 on East 30th, and instead headed straight to Tremont at the corner of Starkweather and West 14th where I found the mile 6 mile marker. My brother Drew met me there and waited until this guy appeared.

hans cleveland marathon mile 6

Drew had offered to jump in and run with Hans at that moment, but he said he was doing good. And based on the smile on his face, we believed him. (Notice the thumbs up in the photo!)

With Hans on the move, Drew and I jumped in my car to head off to Ohio City to track down mile marker 10 near the split for the half and full race courses. It had already been raining off and on, but the precipitation became constant and heavy as the morning progressed. And by the time we found ourselves standing on the side of the road on Franklin Boulevard, it was an awkward combination of heavy rain, sleet and hail. Drew thanked the running gods several times that morning for deciding to take this year off from running the full. I, in return, said how I would have never started this morning. But that’s not Hans’ style, and so when he came up at mile 10, we were mildly shocked that he still looked as good as he did at mile 6 — fist pumps and all!

Cleveland Marathon mile 10

Trying not to break his momentum, we offered him a pair of gloves, a hat and a change of jacket — all which he declined — before we sent him on his merry way. I’m sure I shouted something about “you only have a 5K left!”, a phrase which got me through those last three miles of both of my halfs. But knowing he was still around that 10+ minute a mile pace, Drew and I knew we didn’t have much more than 30 minutes to get back downtown, parked and to the race course before Hans finished. I’ve done it before with no issues in that time frame when race crewing for Drew in the past — but I forgot one small fact: I wasn’t 16 weeks pregnant then. Boy, speed walking is so much harder for me these days!

I drove back downtown before Drew took one for the team, kicking me out of the car so he could go park it, while I hurried down to as close to the finish line I could get before hitting the blockades. I got in my spot at the corner of Ontario and Lakeside with just a moment to spare before I saw this very content face:

Cleveland Marathon finish line

Hans crossed the finish line at 2:12:12, making for an eight minute PR since his first half three years ago. That averages out to a 10:05 per mile pace — thisclose to his 10 minute per mile goal. Considering the conditions that morning, I’m calling the effort a huge success!

The second I had the chance to catch up with Hans after the finish line, it started thunder snowing. Yes, we had officially seen and experienced it all that morning!  We hightailed it over to the Global Center for Health Innovation to escape the crowns and the weather. I know I felt miserable from standing in that weather all morning — I couldn’t imagine how Hans felt, although he still had enough energy for a few post race photos. Even drenched head to toe after 13.1 miles, he was still smiling.

Cleveland Marathon after the race

LONG STORY SHORT: While I don’t consider myself a runner anymore, I couldn’t imagine my mid-May without the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon festivities in our lives. Between participating in the races myself, cheering on family, friends and strangers involved, or volunteering, waking up incredibly early that weekend is always worth the time and effort. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing quite like a race day morning. And this one was one no one will ever forget!

Looking for other runners’ Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon experiences? Click on over to Melissa‘s, David‘s, Jess‘ and Jill‘s blogs for their recaps from this weekend.

Want to run the races yourself? Early bird registration for the 2017 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon events opens tomorrow, May 20th. More info to come at clevelandmarathon.com.

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